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[Q] Rooting after OTA?

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My Orange San Diego has some hardware problem with charging. Orange has asked me to update to the latest version before they are prepared to investigate this issue, I assume they mean the 37MB OTA update to 4.0.5. 


Question 1: my ROM is 4.0.4 and rooted - so how I can unroot it? I assume the AIO tool will do that. 


Question 2: if I apply the OTA update, can I still root it later? Do I have to downgrade - can I downgrade? 


I have tried to find this out, but the documentation for the OTA is rather hard to follow. Any help is very much appreciated. 

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If you've reinstalled the Orange rom then you'll be un-rooted (if that's a word) anyway. Once you've put the latest patch on you're snookered as far as root is concerned.

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