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Voice Out Simple TTS Client

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Hi there!

I developed a small utility app named "Voice Out" which I would like to share with the Modaco users.

It's basically a TTS Client that use the Android built-in TTS Engine and I hope that someone will find it useful! 

It's available at Google Play: Voice Out

Voice Out is a simple Text-to-speech client that makes your device speak texts with the Android Text-to-speech Engine (TTS). Your phone must be capable to run Small Apps and have a Text-to-Speech engine to make it work.

To check if you have a Text-to-speech Engine installed, go to Settings -> Accessibility -> System -> Text-to-speech output or use the menu inside the app.

Tested on Sony Xperia Z Ultra, Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and Samsung Galaxy S3 with the following TTS Engines:

- Google Text-to-speech Engine
- Pico TTS
- Ekho TTS (余音), for Cantonese and Mandarin support
- Samsung TTS

This application access your device clipboard to get the copied text so you don't need to paste it manually.

Requires at least Android 2.1 and up (auto paste function only works with Android 3.0 and up), tested on HTC Hero

This application is Ad-supported and I hope the ad location doesn't affect much the usability.

I made also a Sony Small App version which is free and ad-free.




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