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Coming soon - ClockworkMod recovery

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SifJar    15

Yes indeed, I have done it too. We ALL need Paul to answer his PM about sharing his work and then I'll share my ROM with you all



If you've done it, you need no one's permission to release it. You'd only need his permission if you got his build some how. Although you said "ROM", which implies you are talking about something else i.e. posting in the wrong thread. This thread is about a CWM-based custom recovery, not a ROM.


EDIT: Paul - dunno if you're reading this, but if so I was wondering if you have it installed here or if you're just running it via fastboot or something? (Does fastboot even work with the Hudl?)

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I'm more than happy to wait for whenever, whoever needs to Ok this before it's released to the forum. 


This forum by far includes virtually all info required to easily root / tweak / backup / image / restore a hudl. :D The recovery mod is a nice to have, but I can carry on living without it for now - the other methods work.

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