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[Mod]MIUI v4 + Nexus 7 Animation for CM9, Atomic ICS, CM 7.2, CM Remix etc

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Hello guys this is a animation mod for our CM9, Atomic ICS, CM 7.2, CM Remix roms

I made it by porting animtions from MIUI v4 animations and a Nexus 7 Mod from xda(i only took animations)


What will this mod do:

It will change the animations that occur when you open a application or a new task/sub task.


Note: on cm7.2/remix: the animations won't work if you apply the Ice10 theme because the theme has its own animations, you can try other themes which don't have custom animations or default theme.


Download Link CM7.2/CM Remix : MIUI v4 + Nexus 7 Animations - CM 7.2.zip

Download Link CM9 Atomic ICS by end222: MIUI v4 + Nexus 7 Animations - Atomic ICS.zip

Download Link CM9.1 Super Horent by RomzesRover_R: MIUI v4 + Nexus 7 Animations - Atomic ICS.zip

Also don't forget to install Spare Parts for making the animations slow and more smooth


By Diljeet

Enjoy and please try


If you don't like it then extract the file system/framework/framework-res.apk from your rom zip file and paste it to your phone's system/framework and fix permissions using any root explorer, the old animation will be restored on reboot.


If any body want me to port any other rom's animation to any rom, you can contact me, i can port any app opening animation from one rom to any other rom. Cheers


Request: Please post these zip files to the 4pda forum so the users on that website can also enjoy this.

Edited by Diljeet

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