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[ISSUE] [STOCK] Unable to upgrade the Generic P743V1.0.0B01 stock firmware

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Well the story is that i can't upgrade the SW Version of the GENERIC_P743V1.0.0B15/01 build .


When i connect the phone using FTM Mode in the ZTE Update tool it tells me that i have the latest software version with build of the Orange UK...


This is really weired , i flashed this GENERIC firmware yesterday with all the core partitions and correct layouts and it still detects that i have the previous firmware from Orange.


Hope that someone has the full TPT image size , so i can easily flash it and upgrade the version whenever i want :)




NOTE : Link to this Generic Firmware release to test yourself >> http://www.mediafire.com/download/oh7wq53c5m71shc/P743V1.0.0B01.zip

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