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Big Problems

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Ok so I have a ZTE Racer and I updated it with racermod 1.4 using cwm. 

I find out that this rom didn't work as I wanted so I tried to put another but that's when I saw that I couldn't reebot in recovery. After 1 Week trying to root with Super One Click, z4root, universal androot, framaroot,... (because I don't know if it's rooted but I have Super User Working fine) and all failed I advanced to try to flash a new recovery (not the first time because i did once to upgrade it from 2.1 to 2.2.2 and form 2.2.2 to this rom because the first didn't worked) i tried fastboot mode (it turns on normally even if i wrote su and reboot fastboot in terminal), rom manager, recovery manager (doesn't open), recovery manager pro i tried with uniflash CMD.exe and even Odin but all failed. This rom is getting worst every day I installed Play Store and it closes and the Wi-fi now is gone.

Please Help!


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