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Google Sync stays always ON

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I'm using stock B926, rooted. I've got Settings -> Accounts & Sync, sync  turned OFF (toggled it too

Mobile Data OFF, Wifi OFF, Background data OFF, and the Sync icon on the top bar stays on.

Battery uses 40% overnight when everything is (s'posed to be) asleep.



When i put 3G on my battery is empty in a few hours but when i turn it off i dont have any connection to internet what so ever. My friend who have iphone say that when they turn 3G off they still have mobile data and that shows a E sign that it doesnt consume as mutch battery but that they still have internet connection. Now sometimes when i am connected to 3G it also shows a E sign isnt that just 2G? and is there a way to always put mobile data on so you can just toggle between 3g and mobile data? I never really understood this.


its Google services that drains the battery on 3G, i found this when i flashed my build of AOKP without Gapps and left them out for a day.
was amazed at how little the battery had dropped after one day usage (just texts, calls and camera usage)

obviously we need Gapps installed to enjoy android but i was quite surprised at this.


Now I've been using Google Play Store, Maps, gmail happily for a while with settings as above, and very good battery life, no Sync icon.

I'm stupid. I started to tinker with some options to reduce the cache filling with cruft. I got to a stage where somehow both Data and Cache got erased, then TWRP refused to restore the Data. No sweat, all my "stuff" is on the external sdcard which is always out of the phone if I'm fiddling about. But I had to manually reinstall my apps.


Problem, Huawei Backup doesn't backup com.google.services.framework. Second problem, I seem to have collected too many versions of Google_Play_Store.apk, com.android.vending.apk, and GoogleServicesFramework.apk, and I can't remember which I was using. So i'm trying the combinations, and using RU root uninstaller, erase cache, and reboot between each, and after each reboot the sync icon stays away, until I turn on Wifi or 3G-data, then it's there, and reboot is the only way to get rid of it. Another clue, during startup I get a warning msg that "Unfortunately Gallery has stopped", that I never used to get.


Looks like I need a total wipe, and reinstall from the factory rom. But does anybody know the minimum versions of

Google Play Store (or vending, or com.android.vending) and Google Services Framework that work with ICS 4.0.3 ??



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Well it's knee-capped now  :angry:

I managed to use the Settings -> Update method to reflash the factory rom, and

it still phones, txts, data service, apps OK, no Google trouble, no Google, because

IMEI is 0, serial nr is different, and wifi MAC keeps changing at every reboot  :blink:


Yer, I didn't think I'd need IMEI backup for a Huawei provided system reload,

and the 5irom folder I had from wayback seems to have vaporized  :ph34r:

FWIW the partition 5 with the IMEI and a load of other "firm" info are saved to 

/data/oeminfo_ap.log with a lot of padding FFFF and 0000 stripped.

There's very little actual data, I've had a look with a binary/octal/decimal/hex widget

but I can't make any sense of it...


Looks like I'll be joining the Chinaphone thread near here ..

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Maybe try another ROM - or forced update to stock B952 and see what happens.

I seem to recall some situations leading to an IMEI which was 0 but when another ROM was flashed the IMEI (and MAC address?) went back to normal.

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