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force action overflow icon to appear?

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Hi, all ... quick query; been searching all over the net with all kinds of keywords. Can't find it.  Apologies to mods if this is the wrong forum, but I'm working with Blade V stock firmware, with no custom roms to install.  


I've edited my Generic.kl on my Blade V so that the hardware menu key becomes an APP_SWITCH.  This works just fine, as expected.  But I thought that if there wasn't a hardware menu key, then the action overflow button (three-dot menu key) would appear automatically in the various apps' icon bars (vanilla nexus 4 style).  This hasn't happened.  


I can make the three dot menu happen if I add "qemu.hw.mainkeys=0" to build.prop, so that the software navigation keys are available.  But that just eats up screen space and makes the hardware keys redundant.  


When I've tried to google how to force the three-dots, there is loads of information for app programmers.  But nothing I can find tells users how to edit a settings file to force the dots.  The only method I've seen is that, in Cyanogenmod, there's a setting in the system settings.  I'm very happy to tinker with text files if someone would tell me what that setting actually changes under the hood! :) 


Many thanks, 


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Just to follow this up with an answer, should anyone else be wondering, I eventually solved the issue by installing the Xposed Installer and, once installed, downloading and activating the 3dot mod module, which (I believe) fools android by switching on the software navbar and making it zero-height.  Xposed also gives you access to a number of modification modules for stock ROMs that are normally available only to custom ROMs.  Very useful stuff indeed. 


Download Xposed Installer here.  


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