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John Rose

Android apps will not die

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I have a 0.5GB ZTE Cheapo Android JB phone. I kill apps using Advanced task Killer and then they start a few seconds later. As a result, I have constant low memory notifications. I've us d Manage Apps to look at the apps in question e.g. Viber, Line. I've moved the apps, when I can, to the SD card. I notice that there is a 'Launch by default' parameter, but it's grayed out for the 'naughty' apps. Why do these apps keep re-appearing and what can I do bout it? PS I've tried rebooting but no improvement.

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Android is essentially a Linux operating system and does not manage memory in the same way that Windows would. Just because a program is loaded into memory does not mean that it is actually slowing your Droid down.
The task killer discussion has been done to death and I'm on the side of not using one unless a program is misbehaving.
Android intentionally launches all applications it thinks might be needed and fills up your RAM (based on a value that you can't change unless you are rooted). Some things you are running might actually require information from other programs and it launches the ones it think you will need so that if a commonly used application is called upon, it is already there. This is a performance enhancement for you.

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If your rooted you can use apps like autostarts https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.elsdoerfer.android.autostarts to prevent apps autorunning in the background.

In the case of Viber, isnt that an im/voip thing? it probably needs to run in the background to recieve notifications and incoming calls etc.

If your not rooted than the only option is to uninstall the offending app (unless it has a `dont run in background` or `disable` option in its settings).

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