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Memory solutions for ZTE v9

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Hi guys,


Been checking the latest posts and threads, and there have been always some buzz due to the small memory of our device..


Can anyone make a post here on the alternatives for moving apps to sd-ext, and also how to partition the card itself (with and without access to PC). Pros and Cons of the sollutions would also be a Plus :)


I've been checking threads and threads on other forums and on this... but I'm really confused :( and would like to know the best ways to create this additional space on ZTE v9... this device really needs this if we want to use it regularly without always being installing and removing apps when we need to use them.


Thanks in advance

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The best method on memory extension for me on CM10 and CM10.1.

The version with Play Market doesn't work.


For downloading you need to register on a site

1 . Set s2e.

2 . Launch, you will grade on "To mount, as ext4".

3 . Reboot

4. Launch s2e. Menu items became the active. Give to marks. It is possible on everything, except "Applications data".

5 . Reboot (if applications it is set already much - lasts long enough while dalvik-cache, etc.) All is again created. If all passed successfully, in top line of s2e you will see the free DATA and EXT size

The best method for me on the CM10.2

1. http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1971689

2. http://www.modaco.com/topic/365005-devrom-cyanogenmod-102-android-431-for-zte-v9/page-4#entry2174199

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