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G300 Won't turn on

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Is it a U8815/G300?

Can you get into recovery (press and hold vol+ and then power until it boots)?

I presume you're referring to the "explained like you're 5" tutorial?
If you already had a custom ROM on it how did you get it on?

And why did you then flash the bootloader from that tutorial?

You should not use the unlocked bootloader from that tutorial anyway - you should unlock officially:




Have you considered doing a forced update to something like B952?




Please read up on this stuff if you are not sure about anything.

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If I used the dc-unlocker program, that only showed the Model, IMEI, Wi-Fi MAC, BlueTooth MAC, Voice feature and SIM Lock status.

Whats wrong?


I cant go recovery mode too, if I try force update, the bar stops on the middle.

Sorry for my english :S

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If DC unlocker is not working then see here maybe?




But if you're on Windows 8.x then I don't think it'll work:




I still don't understand your posts though.

If you had custom ROM and CWM installed then surely you had already rooted and ulocked the bootloader?

And if you had then why were you trying to unlock the bootloader again?

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