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Huawei G300 not booting

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Like lots of newbies have done, I also wrecked my phone.

I tried to install a custom jelly bean rom using the tuturial on huawei g300 site and, when I got to the Re-root, unlock bootloader & install ClockworkMod Recovery part,, I wasnt able to do it so I decided to remove the battery and try again. Now I cant boot my phone. I tryed Safe mode, installing several original and custom ROMS and nothing.

When I try to install a ROM using the SD Card, a pink bar (and only a pink bar) appears, no letters, no warnings, nothing. The problem is that, with every ROM I tryed, the progress bar allways gets stuck at 1/4 of the way. I've searched a lot, tryed several solutions but none has solved my problem.

I cant get it on in any way...


Hope you can help


Thank you in advance


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http://www.modaco.com/topic/362681-guide-how-to-unbrick-the-g300/ Try this, and don't say that you already tried to do an sd upgrade and its stuck, this guide will help you... Anything don't be afraid to say.

Hi mate

First of all, thanks for the quick reply.

I have 2 questions:

1 - This CWM can only be accessed on the phone right?

2 - How long does the second process takes? (How long should the pink bar be on the screen? - I'm asking because, like I said before, it allways gets stuck at 1/4 of the way)

Nevertheless Ill try your suggestion and reply with results

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Okay, I've followed the link you sent and the bar stoped again on the same place. Nevertheless I left it there for a while and suddenly it rebooted.

I was hoping it had solved my problem but It stoped again on the huawei logo.

More suggestions?

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