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boot loop! Dont acess to CWM! bricked? HELP?

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I just try to downgrade my phone... ICS to GB works fine,  so i decide to use this : http://huaweig300.com/huawei-g300-install-a-custom-jelly-bean-ics-rom-from-scratch/re-root-unlock-bootloader-install-clockworkmod-recovery  

and when i run " BootloaderG300.exe" phone restart's and enter in boot loop i try a lot of things i nothing works! 

like that guide: http://www.modaco.com/topic/362681-guide-how-to-unbrick-the-g300/  


so... i have a CMW for ICS on GB and because of that boot loop


ps: when i try to force update (vol + , vol - , power button) pink bar frezze! I try middle package and frezze

ps2: cant acess CMW or ctrl vol - 


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Welcome :)

Why did you use bootloaderg300.exe! Thats a terrible tool!! Please use my tutorial! Its in my signature.


When you say pink bar freeze do you mean something like this:


Or something like this:




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Can you try flashing a recovery. Try pulling out the battery, wait 10 seconds, and then putting it in again. Immediately hold volume DOWN and power. The phone should vibrate, keep holding it for 30 seconds, and then let go. The phone should have not restarted and stay on the first screen. Now download this archive and extract it. Now hold shift and right click. Then click open command window here. Now plug your phone into the pc and follow this guide 

2. http://www.modaco.com/topic/362821-tutorial-how-to-officially-unlock-the-bootloader-with-definitions-relock-guide-included/?p=2128120

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