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Moto G - Micro-SD upgrade ??? ;-)

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Very unlikely to be there. How would the card be connected? In an area where space is limited, having the connector on the top of the card isn't practical. Also it is claimed on the areamobile website that the device uses eMMC card which don't exist. eMMC usually comes in BGA chips. You CAN get eMMC chips on microSD adapters but they are much longer and wider than a standard microSD card. 

It's a coincidence that a microSD happens to be the same size of that metal cover. If the device is using a card of some sort then it'll be somewhere else on the device.

On request, Motorola has confirmed the use of an eMMC memory card in the Moto G. A change of memory card would not help, because the operating system can not simply be transferred from the original memory card to a larger, new card. For this you need special hardware that the manufacturers flash their systems to the required memory, explained Mr. technicians. Schnieth from the repair service Smartphone clinic in Berlin.

From http://www.areamobile.de/b/2267-teardown-das-moto-g-und-die-speicher-frage-update#g.2267.20.3800


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well we will never know until someone removes the metal cover, it is possible that they connected the card via a ribbon cable.


Sounds like your offering :)

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