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Android 4.1 based on CyanogenMOD 10

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The original Theard :


I am the creator of this ROM , and I'm gonna share with you all .

Android 4.1 BASED ROM CyanogenMod 10

0 - Introduction
1 - Benefits and Features and Screens
2 - Preparation : Setup Modes
3 - Install the ROM

3.1 Installation by Romeo - > What is needed , fastboot - > Put the file - > flashing - > POST INSTALLATION

3.2 Installing the recovery - > Place full recovery - > Install
4 - > After installation votes / Tutorials

4.1 - > Space , 2nd partition and Link2SD and move
4.2 - > Option of full recovery after
4.3 - > Error Gtalk

5 - > waffle ...
6 - > Downloads / Changelog

0 - Introduction
Here at MoDaCo , haul the future of productivity , interface and expriencia of use with our Vodafone Smart 2 :

The Android 4.1 ROM based on CyanogenMod 10

This ROM has a Android 4.1 PURE interface but have the sources ( features) of CyanogenMod 10 , which makes it quite fluid and easy to personalize

1 - Advantages , Features and screens

Essentially , this ROM ( System ) for our Android will change it up and down completely .
The main features of this ROM are :

- Icons , functions , images and truly like interface with Android 4.1
Quick - speed
Fluid - and very uncomplicated , both in terms of games or applications , both in terms of Internet
With professional - paid applications to ensure professionalism : Example : Root Explorer , Camera Zoom FX , Clock JB + , etc. .
- Lock screen of Android 4.1
- Notifications on top ( can light up and turn off the Wifi , Bluetooth , Sound , Airplane mode , etc. . Fully customizable )
- Change in the build.prop for better performance
- Errors of instability , casual in many ROM 's just like the originals , all corrected
- Applications for Android 4.1 included
More easy - Interface
Clock Widget - exclusive integrated Vodafone Smart III
Floating - Toucher ( curious Tool ) integrated
Root - inclusive (no need to do it )
- MORE , venture UP
- Support for Android 4.1 applications

The advantages of this ROM is essentially escape the slow ROM source , his new look ( the latest that exist in most modern mobile phones ) , instant speed, and the tools included root , and more ...

2 - Preparation : Setup Modes , install drivers and complete recovery , putting on , fastboot

Modes of Installation:

There are 2 ways to install this ROM :

For PC : Romeo Mode
The phone itself: For Recovery

I recommend it to beginners and even the whole community who use the facility by the PC , since it is easier and less laborious .
Only recommend installing the recovery to people who do not even have a PC , since this method is somewhat difficult and risky.

But both methods are tested and approved !
3 - Install the ROM
3.1 Method for the PC :


Files 1-
2 - Put in Fastboot
3 - Install the Fastboot drivers
4 - flash the ROM

Files 1-
1.1Descarreguem the latest of my ROM Pack (download 's the end of the post) and descomprimam .
Summer 3 folders :

- Recovery ( beginners or people who do not know what this means , please deletem )
ROM ( contains 6 files for flashing the ROM )
Romeo Tools

1.2 - 6 Copy and paste the files that are in the ROM folder to the folder Romeo 1.2/bin/rom

2 - Put in Fastboot


Installing this ROM should be taken by fastboot mode.
Put your phone in fastboot is extremely easy and simple .

2.1 Turn off the phone and even attest that is off
2.2 Call the phone , but with the power button and volume less pressed at the same time for 10 seconds until the green Android not leave the site
Put your phone in fastboot , not for flashing ROM 's is useless.
This tutorial is only a reference to install the ROM ( STEP 4 )

3 - Install Drivers Fastboot

1 - On the phone in fastboot
2 - Connect phone to PC via USB
3 - Go to Control Panel and look for " Diasposistivos Manager 'or ' Device Manager '
Listed diaspositivo one should appear to say Android 1.0 with a question mark
4 - Seleccionem this diaspositivo and with the right mouse button , click on ' Update Driver '
5 - Click "Browse for driver software on your computer "
6 - select from the extracted folders / Romeo 1.2/bin/AIO Drivers
7 - Click on NEXT
8 - Click on Yes in all
9 - There, I have the drivers

4 - Install the ROM




Remember that this is the most important and significant step in the progress, so they should be very careful and attention .

1 - Unload the latest pack of my ROM ( ROM Davidosky99 ... ) and extract
2 - Put the 6 files in the folder ROM ( boot.img , bootloader.img , custpack.img , data.img , recovery.img and system.img ) in Romeo / bin / rom folder
3 - Put the phone in Fastboot and connect to the PC ( if you certify that you have already installed the drivers )
4 -
4.1Abram Romeo and write 1 to flash the recovery and click on entrer , when finished , click on enter
4.2Escrevam 2 for flashing boot and click on enter. When finished , click on enter to return
4.3Escrevam 3 for flashing the Bootloader and click on enter. When finished , click on enter to return
4.4Escrevam 4 for flashing the Custpack and Click Enter. When finished , click on enter to return
4.5Escrevam 5 for flashing the Date and Click Enter. When finished , click on enter to return
4.6Escrevam 6 for flashing the System and Click Enter. When finished , click on enter to return
4.7Quando have finished flashing the System write 7 to restart your phone and start when he finished , disconnect your phone and click on 8 out of the script

3.2 Method for Recovery

Index :

1.Notas previous
2.Instalar for Recovery


Pre - 1 Notes
1 - Download pack a Davidosky99 XX ROM Nandroid and extract
2 - To install this ROM should be installed complete recovery ;
2.1 Put the phone in Fastboot .
2.2 Open Recoveris folder and opens the Recovery folder
2.3 - Then click russia and press enter
2.4 - When done, press enter to close , disconnect the phone and get you the battery for 10 seconds
Connect the 2.5 - NORMALLY phone and pass - alcatel onetouch folder to the root of the sd card


2 - Installing the Recovery

part 1


part 2


2.1 - Turn off your phone
2.2 Plug - it , but with the "Volume + " and " Connect" button at the same time
2.3 -
controls :
"Volume + " - A menu above
" Volume - " - A menu below
"Home ( Home ) " - Select a menu or option
" Back Button " - a menu Return ago


2.4 - With the controls , go to " Backup and Restore" and select this menu , and then click on Advanced Restore and confirm
Then confirm the 2.5 - ROM and see the menu Advanced Restore
2.6 - Then select " System Restore " , select Yes and go up , restore system
2.7 - Go to Advanced Restore again until you have restored all of the options list
2.8 - When you have finished the Restore , go to Reboot System Now and confirm
2.9 - Installed ! !

4 - > After installation votes / Tutorials

Index :
4.1 - > Space , 2nd partition and Link2SD and move
4.2 - > Option of full recovery after
4.3 - > Error Gtalk

4.1 - > Space , 2nd partition and Link2SD and move
My ROM come with a huge variety of applications préinstalados.O problem is that they were on the internal memory .
My ROM without the apps comes up to 130 MB free , but can also get around with the installed applications , and with their own applications .
I personally have 20 more games and applications , rather " heavy " and the installed memory is always in 130 MB .
How to achieve this?
You need to create a second partition on your SD card and move everything there .
So I can continue for photos or music or other things ?
Sure. The card will have two partitions .
A EXT2 to " host " applications
A FAT32 ( readable by Windows ) to have their things .



4.1.1 : 2nd Partition
Create a second partition is EXTREMELY SIMPLE .
Follow the instructions :


Unload and install the Easeus Partition Master but not open :


If you choose to create the partition with the SD card from the phone :

2.1 - Go to Settings tlm - > Applications- > Development - > USB Debugging and mark the

and Allow Local Fictícos .

2.2 - Now turn
m the TLM to the PC and mount USB Storage

2.1 If you choose to create the partition with an SD card into a card reader , simply put the SD card into the reader and connect to PC

2.3.Agora , open EASEUS
2.4 - When open Click on the 1st Partition Master option
2.5 - When we carry, select Disk 2 , corresponding to the letter of the SD ( eg D : \ ) card and when they click on it , go to the top action bar and click on " Delete"

2,6- Next, click on it and click on Create Partition :
assign :
- Primmary
FAT32 -
Half - Space total SD
Click OK
2.7. Following an * will appear under the new partition .
Click on it , click on create and assign here :
- Primmary
EXT2 -
Half - SD
dêm after
2.8.A follow it all click Apply at the top left corner and confirm .
2.9 - When done, remove the SD card and restart the tlm .

Can now again by the data on your card

4.1.2 Using Link2SD And Move Applications to safeguard space

The predefined Link2SD lies in my ROM logo on the home screen or can go there by the apps menu.
The symbol it is a sd card with a blue arrow to the right.
Open the Link2SD and click on the icon (top center) and click on User
There will view any downloaded apps (Pre - installed > * 1 )
To save space make this procedure as simple as drinking a glass of water :
1 - Click the application you have not Linkou
2 Below - click Create Link
In this 3 - select ( if possible ) all the boxes menu.
4 - Click Link
5 - When done , click on OK
6 - Go to the Home screen with the home button ( home )
7 - Then , click the " Manage applications " icon, or go to the menu of the Applications- > Settings - > Applications- > Manage Applications
8 - Select the app you just link
9 - Click Move to SD (Note : some apps can mean failure to move to sd , but click ok and move again)
10 - Memory Protection
10.1 - Do this with ALL APPS THAT EVER install !
* 1 - Linkem all preinstalled apps please and then move to the sd in order to have the 140/150 MB internal

Gtalk error

An error detected in all versions of my ROM and frequent in all ROM 's is an error called " Error Gtalk ."


How to Manifest ?


He at the initial stage , an exclamation mark appears in the notification bar saying " authentication of Gtalk account .......... @ gmail.com failed"
This is only a warning , if you click it will not go anywhere.
In the final stage , go to Google Play, try downloading an application and it says " Error getting information from the server , RPC - 05 " . And so is


How to fix .


The correction procedure is very easy :

On the Home screen , go to Manage Applications , or go to the Applications Menu - > Settings - > Applications- > Manage applications

Click on the " All " tab

Navegem up an application called " Google Services Framework for "

Click on it and make

5.1 - Force stop
5.2 - Clear data

Desiguem the phone and start again

Sack up forever bug ! !


5 - waffle waffle and prevent ...

In my ROM installation is not supposed to give problems .
Where there is more common problems is the installation via recovery .
What to do to prevent brickar the phone forever?



Must ensure that they have at Least 50 % battery before flashamento
If flasharem by Romeo , does not have many applications open and jams but can give problems

Have I screwed up .


Flashem my ROM via PC BY fastboot


6 - > Downloads / Changelog


The last version:


by romeo





by recovery















V2 Version 2.1


- Modified Custpack

- Modified the build.prop

- Optimized and configured the GPS


- Modified Apps

- Removed unnecessary apps and binary

Freed - internal memory

- Removed a lot of things in the framework

Odex - end- > Almost all odexadas Apps

Dalvik - 's unnecessary and removed inconrrespondenter

- Symlinks removed problems that would

Problem fixed - interface

Now - New Theming Settings , status bar, etc. are Transparent

Kernel - signed

-Scripts added

- More apps preconfigured for ease and productivity

Pie - control configured to not interfere in certain applications such as in the messages ( SMS ) and when the Android keyboard is active

Holo - Locker finally stable. not confused with the CM7



v2 :


- Fixed problems with installing the ROM

- Fixed issue of not giving Nothing ( Wifi , BT , GPS , etc.).

Upgraded tools - install mode



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