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Quick help, if can be helped....

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Hi guys probably not a place to post this , shurely not a place to post it but i figured all experts are here. I searhed google and all other forums , but i cant find solution.

It is not at all about phone it is about pc, my pc components match required (and better) for mac os x but when i install it internet isnt working .... and i can't use ethernet, doesnt exist in my country and wierelless is too expesnive and dont wanna risk if it works and i really want mac os x. BUT cuz i cant also afford to buy original i used Iatkos s2 or 3 cant remember everything worked perfectly except net so im asking for your help, is there any driver or anything that will fix it i am using 6 mb/s wiereless router huawei ecsholight HG530 Telekom Srbija-Serbia.

Thank you all for your effort and help and i am sorry for bad english.

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