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Carphonewarehouse worse than Cex ...

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possibly.  I had a mint condition iPhone 4 16GB phone which I wanted to trade in for a Blackberry Z10 advertised in store for £179.95.  Online the trade in price for the iPhone was £85.50, but in store the offer was only £60.  There is no indication on the Carphonewarehouse website that the in store and web trade ins differ, but I was unimpressed by the £60.  I managed to sell the iPhone for £115 (having previously received £40 for the decidedly low spec Huawei 510 from, ironically, CeX) and went back to buy the Z10 at the advertised price of £179.95 only to be told that it was, in fact, £189.95.  I tried to argue that I wanted to buy the phone at the advertised price, but the store manager would have none of it.  I suppose that at £189.95 I have a bargain, but this I think this is rather sharp practice.

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