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Secure Android

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According to this site...



Warning: The Google Android operating system is affected by PRISM. Using it may compromise your privacy. We strongly recommend replacing Android with either either Replicant or Cyanogenmod.


For those of you who don't follow the news much, this is about the NSA (and others) reading our private data - email, messaging etc. 


I was wanting to know more about this.


Why would Cyanogenmod be more secure?


Are the any other ROMs that are specifically designed to be secure - maybe with built-in open source versions of browsers, email clients, VPNs etc?



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Not sure, probably they have a deal with the manufacturers so that they can tap OEM roms easily, hence dodging this issue with a custom rom might avaoid certain built in 'back doors'. Dunno, speculation.


I already used Carrier IQ detector, still use USSD wipe stopper & Lookout security, though the latter two are not related to your topic.


Really, unless you're a 'person of interest' there's no need to be paranoid over anything. I would continue to make fun of these fools & Fart In Their General Direction for as long as they believe the whole world is out to get them. It is THEY who are paranoid!

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