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[MOD][xt1032][4.3]status bar tweaks & more (4/1/14)

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This is a replacement SystemUI.apk to bring some minor tweaks to the status bar when expanded on the stock GB (4.3) ROM. Originally I just wanted to increase the size of the date in the top left when the notification bar is pulled down. Turns out this wasn't the only thing messing with my autism....



-StatusBar.Expanded.Clock changed to Holo blue light
-StatusBar.Expanded.Date changed to Holo blue light and a larger font (12dpi>16dpi)
-StatusBar.Expanded.Network changed to Holo blue light

-CRT animation off enabled

-Settings background changed to pure black (see screenshots)

-No 15% low battery nag

-Increased notification LED blink rate






Flash it through CWM (not tested on TWRP), no wipes needed. Make sure you backup first. This has not been tested on any other variant of the Moto G.

Flash at your own risk.



More theming to come





CRT animation off Only:

Download: http://www.mediafire.com/download/1ru23popzjiouc9/MotoG_43_CRTonly.zip

(Stock 4.3 GB ROM)

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V4 (4/1/14)

-Removed 15% 'battery low' nag

-Increased blink rate for the notification LED


V3 (2/1/14):

-Settings background changed to black


V2 (2/1/14):

-Enabled CRT animation off (electrobeam screen off animation)

-Some dark backgrounds set to black



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