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Christian Edwards

Charging Issues followed by micro USB socket detachment!

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I've been having charging issues with the Hudl for about a month now. The micro USB socket had some play in it and so the charging cable had to be placed just so for it to charge.

After about a month the socket came completely loose and fell out (or in, I never found it but I can't hear it rattling about inside).

I ordered online but collected in store so I took it back to my local store. After being bounced around the customer service desks I was told I would have to talk to the Hudl helpline and although they dialed them for me the phones in store didn't work well enough for them to actually hear me!

I gave up a went home, thankfully once home I phoned the Hudl helpdesk myself who were very helpful, they arranged a new one to be shipped to store and told me I could drop the old one off when I go to collect it in 3 days (on Monday). They also mentioned they were aware of some soldering issues with the socket, so I thought I'd let you all know.

Its seems to me a bit of a design flaw the socket has space to move around inside the Hudl but hopefully the new one will be much better fixed in place.

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With the Hudl being bust (flat & unchargeable) how to I stop my play account being charged if Tesco repair or refurbish it?

Or my gmail being accessed, I didn't root it or install security apps, I wish I had now....

It will almost certainly be wiped and factory reset during refurbishment

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