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[ROM] WorldEndBefore (Android 4.0.4)

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Official link: http://zteblade3.blogspot.com/2013/01/worldendbefore-custom-rom.html



NOTICE: It's customed STOCK ROM (Android 4.0.4)





● Download zip, and please check the MD5 hash 
● Copy the file (NextGen_WorldEndBefore_english.zip) your SD card (without extract) 
● Power off your device. 
● Press and hold the Volume Down button and then press the POWER button to turn on the device When the CWM recovery started release the Volume Down key. 
● In the CWM use the Volume Down and Volume Up for move down and up, the power button is OK. 
● Select wipe data / factory reset, and choose Yes - delete all user data 
● Select mounts and storage -> format system, and choose Yes 
● Choose install zip from sdcard - choose zip from sdcard, browse       NextGen_WorldEndBefore_english.zip file, and choose Yes. 
● When complete the installation choose reboot system now, and enjoy! ;)
This appliance is subsequently installed apps , settings, contacts, sms , etc. .. deleted during the software cast , so everyone back up data before data, you use this ZTE and could find application in the app Alkalmazásfiókban the cause.
The amendments make it all your own risk!
ANY LOSS OR DAMAGE ARISING PHONE liability whatsoever !
The device will not be unlocked because the modified software !
The device unmodified factory software , you can install only after loading the factory recovery back !
Changelog :
- Rom the default root -ol Superuser pre-installed
- Updated google app - s ( 8.12 )
- Unnecessary things kidobálva
- Modified gps.conf - UX1 "pointers" basis - thank you for it ! ;)
- Fixed a lot of language translation and thereby recover ( left)
- Change rapid switches (power widget ) in the notification area of the order of those used most frequently
- Zárképernyőn increasing the font size , print full name of the day - GXI copied from ( Zsoca thanks ! )
- Enable CRT off animation
- ZTE Weather and Clock widget (module) added
- Sharp and boot animation
  and much more ...
Some pictures of the system:
MOD Installer v1.30
Only be started from the CWM recovery, and only WorldEndBefore rom to use! 
The MOD Installation of open source AROMA Installer.
1. ZIP download 
2. Be copied from SD 
3. CWM recovery starts 
4. Install zip from sdcard - choose zip from sdcard 
5. Kitallózod SD from the previously copied zip file and selecting 
6. The MOD Installer starts. (No specific flash will only run on a bootable!)
OC Kernel! - UPDATE!
NOTICE: It's only for ROM WorldEndBefore!
● The downloaded compressed file (newkernel_OC_ioscheds.zip) copy to the SD card without decompressing. 
● device is switched off. 
● Press the volume button up and then hold the POWER button to turn on the device when the CWM recovery off the volume down button you can let go. 
● The recovery volume down and volume up buttons to scroll through the menu and the power button is the OK / ENTER. 
● Select the install zip from sdcard - choose zip from sdcard menu, find and select the file, and then confirm a Yes to start the installation. 
● The installation is complete, select reboot system now, the option to restart! ;)


- CPU max. clock to restore all the way up to 1267MHz 
- Add a 800MHz for better scaling 
- CPU governor-known cause added: savagedZen, interactiveX, smartassV2 
- Default max. Clock: 1008MHz
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Man, I know he's not Hungarian. I am, and I said because we are awesome. We had the first custom rom for this phone.


Edit: I see, he used google translator haha

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this is a great rom but i have a problem the oc kernel update dont work please help im installing but telephon frinzin in the reboot

first at all format system... Data... Install the rom... Wipe all... Reboot...then when you set up your phone reboot again to recovery and flash kernel... Reboot..

If you installing and the MOD... Format system... Data... Install rom... Wipe all... Install mod... Reboot... Set up your device... Reboot again to recovery and flash kernell... Reboot... That's it...

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What about delay when answering the call? Maybe it's fixed in this rom? :) Would be great!

if i remember well, it is not fixed, but its an old rom, not worth to use. Use Aurora instead, if you want ics.

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