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Mobile data keeps cutting out

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Hi all,

I am having a problem with my data connection, quite often when I am using my phone the internet connection icon next to the signal bars keeps disappearing and I loose connection, it's normally only a minute or so but it is quite annoying as it is quite regular and causes some downloads to fail.

I have tried different ROMs but I have the issue remains.

I am running a UK xt1032 device and couldn't wait for the official 4.4 ROM so I flashed the us global gsm rom, ( downgraded my bootloader to the 4.3 version so I could flash CWM ) but have since reflashed the 4.4 boot loader, but I was wondering if flashing the us ROM could could be affecting my connection as I believe the primary difference between UK and us ROMs is the radio frequency ( I might be wrong ).

So... Is anyone else having this issue, or is this a CM based ROM bug ( as all the roms I have used have been CM based ) or could my phone be faulty, or could it just be down to my network ( giffgaff UK ) as I do make the most of there unlimited data and I'm not sure if they giving me low priority.

Sorry for the long winded post, and thanks for any advice/feedback.

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Hi all just thought I would post an update, I seem to have found a solution for my problem,

I had to go to network operators and select another network ( my network is giffgaff ) so I selected Vodafone, waited for the no service to kick in, then instead of selecting giffgaff I selected O2 and since then I have had NO drop outs, and its been almost 36 hours :)

Hope this helps.

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I'm on GG and easily get 2+ days use from the battery in normal useage... a bit longer if just on standby.


Haven't really noiced mobile data dropping off too much when I use it, but don't use it regularly - usually a BT wifi signal around somewhere :)

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