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Cannot get RKTools17 to see Hudl

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HI all


First post - and hey, it's a problem question wouldntchaknow!


So I have a hudl that I am trying to get to work with ad-hoc networks. I have an app on the device (SkySafari) that I can use to connect to a telescope to give Go-To instructions and point the telescope at objects in the night sky.... Great for kids and outreach, but the gizmo on the 'scope produces an ad-hoc network....

Anyway, I have rooted the device OK, but have been trying to get a custom ROM installed to see if these will allow ad-hoc networks to be connected, but I cannot get RKTools17 to see the device at all.


I do the reset-vol+ trick and my 64-bit Win7 lappy recognises the device and makes the USB ping noise, and I can see the RockUSB device in Device Manager.


RKTools, however, refuses to turn box 1 green - it refuses to turn any box green!!!


I have USB debugging turned on, have tried different ports, different cables - all with the same result!!



Any suggestions from the land of experts??






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