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GEM10312BK original firmware image

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dunfy    0

Hi Guys, 


I'm looking for the original firmware for GEM10312BK , I'm pretty sure it's rev1 as I tried the rev2 firmware and the touchscreen was unresponsive, and the screen was flipped upside down, it worked on the previous firmware, but had storage problems so I attempted to reinstall the firmware which has now led me to the current situation.


I have tried the setup-10312BK-v4040.exe or what ever it was called which had the update.img file included, but every single time I receive 0x162 error when using livesuit, which indicates it was the wrong firmware for the tablet, I even tried pheonixcard and all I got was a white screen when I put the SD card in the table. 


Like I said, I'm certain it's the rev1 GEM10312BK, but I cannot find the correct firmware for it. If anyone could point me in the right direction or provide me with he original firmware image, that'd be great. 





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mickrh    0

I have the same problem the on the GEM10312BK, the rev2 firmware boots but the screen is flipped upside down and unresponsive touchscreen, so think I have rev1 hardware. The Setup-10312BK-v4010.exe does not work - did you ever find working firmware for Rev1? Thanks.

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Simon O    396

Additiona firmware for the 10312BK can be found below:

Black unit, Taima screen:!c0IxHIbL!HIcKtsyzl4LUIrVCKYXidUBOzJdJLIe-Hf1TQx21Z_k


Silver unit, Taima screen:!YwRn0JDI!9wBXqHML_J46iJ7M8DvLI1eIvVtGRKX2PeFsGTdhguw


IPS screen unit:!YgJyHBQB!lRUeyfn_ysukpuPadwW6RgrJ1fZPjJLWvpcWUI1VtHY


If you have an upside down screen then you almost certainly have a Taima device and need a different ROM. IPS devices are easy to detect as the screen doesn't go washed out when you tilt it away from you. 


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