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Issues with internal storage - Cannot install apps on 2GB storage.

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Long story short cause this issue bugs me for 3 days and I'm officially confused.

I have this phone for 1 year and as soon as I got it, I flashed CM9.
I was more than happy using my internal 700MB to store my apps along with the internal SD card (another 2GB)
and my external 8GB SD card to store ONLY music and movies.

After one year the phone got sluggy and decided to try CM 10.1 to "refresh it".
I quickly upgraded to 10.2 but decide to roll back to CM9 since twitch.tv and youtube videos were choppy as hell on both Jelly Bean versions.

Everything went ok with all the flashes but whenever I try to move apps to my internal 2GB it says "Couldn't move app".
If I erase the card through settings--> storage, I can move apps but if I reboot the phone, the apps are gone, if I click on one of them
it says "App doesn't exist".

In cwm recovery, in mounts and storages, if I try to mount either sdcard or sd-ext i got a mounting error.
Apparently cwm can't see the internal sd card and I don't know what to do anymore.
I searched the whole web to find a solution but the more I searched the more I got confused since I'm not an expert on the field.
I know enough to solve basic issues, and I'm arrogant too to refuse to get a nand backup.

Any help would be appreciated.

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Try hard formatting.

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