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James Norton

MWC 2014: Sony Xperia Tablet Z2 hands on

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Sony's original Xperia Tablet Z was an almost impossibly thin and light tablet, but it is a heavyweight compared to the just announced Xperia Tablet Z2 which is 0.5mm thinner at just 6.4mm thick and is around 50 grams lighter at 439g. To put that in context, the iPad Air is 469g.

The screen on the Tablet Z2 is a lovely 10.1" 1080p display which adds the new Sony Live Colour LED technology which gives it greater brightness and a wider colour gamut. It has decent viewing angles and is a very pleasant screen to look at and use.

Inside, it is basically the same as the newly announced Xperia Z2 with the Snapdragon 801 2.3Ghz SoC and 3Gb of RAM. It is of course waterproof as with most Sony devices these days.

The LTE version of the Tablet Z2 can make and receive phone calls and Sony have a dedicated headset so you don't have to strap a large tablet to your head!

Sony were also showing off a number of interesting accessories including a bluetooth speaker dock which can also make and receive calls as well as two keyboard cases, one of which is a full folio type. The other is a keyboard whose case turns into a stand for any tablet or phone. The keyboards were reasonable to use but obviously have a rather cramped layout.

The tablet will be available in black and white and is particularly striking in the latter colour which you can also see in our hands-on here:

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