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Crazy Poké Fan

No one unlocked the SIM Lock?

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Hi, guys. My English is not well.

I have a Orange SanDiego AZ210. It has a network lock.

This is the devices info:

Model number:

Xolo_X900 (I used the 299 zip)

Android version:


IFWI version:

05.A5 (I didn't pass the OTA upgrade, so I rooted)

Baseband version:

SUNRISE_SMB_REV30_V2_R3_1233.B (I don't know what is the relationship between it and network lock)

Kernel version:


[email protected] #1

SMP PREEMPT Wed Sep 12 18:14:34 CST 2012

Build number:


This phone is great! It's better if can make a phone call.

But I almost never seen someone to unlocked.

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Orange are greedy, to say the least. They ask £100+ to unlock my Orange iPhone 3GS... and then I found "redsn0w" and did it myself :D

It's too greed! I think the SIM Lock in baseband. Maybe we can start from here.

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