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Upgrade - items missing (perhaps ?)

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OK .. been on an S2 until 2 days ago, bought a new S4  I950S  (UK  on Vodafone)

Impressed that initially on boot up, once I gave it my android account name it loaded all my apps ... big improvement to previous upgrade experience.

It has been downloading and installing upgrade packs over past few days ... last night it went to 4.2.2


After reboot it seemed to hang for ages (>20mins) .... eventually it did boot up had error messages that file did not complete .. and found most of my home page icons missing.  Plus kept complaining that DRIVE was not synchronized.


Rebooted again ...... then had another msg it was upgrading Android system.


I manually Recreated most of my home page icons ..... but can't find the 'blue' teardrop one that is used for GPS directions ?  (part of Google nav)


It does not appear in apps or widgets ........ should it still be there ? ... if not where do I now get GPS directions from ?



As something went wrong with KitKat upgrade, can I force a 're-upgrade' or roll back and do again ?



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