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Music Player with gestures - Use the fingers, No more buttons!

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Hi everyone!


Check out this amazing Music Player: gK Player (Google play)


[Q] What is the difference between “gK Player” and other music players?
[A] The answer is easy, gK Player uses a new development in the industry of gestures : gestureKit.

Using gestureKit (gK), you can now create interactive new user experiences by easily adding gesture recognition in your applications without the pain of re-programming for all the different platfroms. It is a software development kit so easy to use with an online editor and a plugin distribution system. The core idea is simple: create unique gestures once and use it everywhere.  

Welcome to the world of gK where you can add a cool non-intrusive feature in your apps. It works as a transparent overlay so you can turn gestures on or off as you wish. Give your user the possibility to use your apps in a creative way, the decision is in your hands.


So, What do you think?  ^_^




The main features:


- GestureKit is easy to implement, friendly to use, dependency-free and customizable.


- We offer a simple-to-use dashboard to create, edit and store unique gestures on the cloud, as well as to view metrics of gesture activity conducted by end-users.

- GestureKit is light on memory and thus caters to all kinds of apps, whether big or small. As gestures have to be learned and adopted by end-users, we have also included a default help menu to inform what gestures are available in the application.


We are receptive to the contributions and feedback from all enthusiastic users wanting to support what we do.


Best Regards!

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