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Mounting internal storage in CWM recovery

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Been modifying my Hudl the past couple of weeks and am trying to resolve the issue of not being able to mount the internal storage in recovery (message given is "Error mounting /sdcard!") but to no avail. Have tried modding the recovery.fstab which hasn't worked. I've used my Huawei G300 (with -Dazazzo CM11) as a partial reference as it also uses CWM and has no trouble mounting the internal flash, which it mounts from /dev/block/vold/179:??? but /dev/block/vold is not available on the Hudl, which is interesting. I have found one way which involves going into recovery whilst using ADB, mounting the /data partition (/dev/block/mtdblock10) and then manually binding /data/media/0 (the internal user storage dir) to /sdcard. I can then make a successful CWM-backup to the internal flash. I know that method's not a practical final solution but it's something (could it be integrated into the recovery?). I'd like to hear your opinions, especially if you have experience modding recoveries and/or Hudls,





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probably should have mentioned, I'm using the stock recovery still.


Here's what a file browser shows in the vold folder:


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