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Huawei Y300- Bricked by a numpty!

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What a numpty I am. I have a Y300. I rooted it, had super user going on it but I couldn't figure out how to get CWM or anyother recovery installed so that I could install a custom rom and ditch the stock.


I was getting really fed up with the phone and kept throwing it around the living room. It was looking a real mess. ! lol... until I found a root app uninstaller on Play.  So... one night I got drunk and started deleting all the bloat and, you got it, I got a bit carried away enjoying seeing my RAM going up. Then it went downhill from there..... the phone was kinda working but definately mentally unstable.


Well..next  I figured I'd try and upload a rom using the Android Recovery (3e) but no luck. So I did a factory reset and  tried doing a ADB sideload of a some customs and after saving vital files. Obviousbly this doesnt work, I was just getting desperate-- and the factory reset I did before trying to install a rom totally  bricked the phone.


Now it's get stuck on set up wizard which crashes everytime. No access to any of the OS or settings- nada. I can only turn on and off basic apps like 3G, GPS. wifi.. but no settings.    No idea if the phone is in Debug mode FAST boot etc. , basicaly I can only access android recovery.


ANyone got any ideas- i've searched hi and lo to find a way of getting the firmware update or a alternative rom in there.... many thanks!!! Cyrus ;-)



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I forgot to add trying in install anything via Android recovery just gives a "Installation Aborted" message

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Thanks guys, I got there in the end!


For anyone else in the same fix  follow the suggested link to the letter:





But get your unlocking code for your bootloader from this updated link. It's takes no time.-





In my case I had damaged the stock rom so i could not get past the fisrt page of the start up wizard. You can still access the Product ID buy pressing EMERGENCY CALLS and


dialing   *#*#1357946#*#*



I also had no idea if debugging was on or off or what boot mode it was but it still worked in my case.






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