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'...com.android.systemui has stopped' and I can't get into my Moto G

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'Unfortunately, the process com.android.systemui has stopped' Is what I see when I try to open my rooted Moto G.  The phone has been a bit fiddled with, opening on a lock screen modified with the 'Cover' app then presenting me with a pattern-lock.  This having been traced by me, I get the above message and, after pressing OK, either I see the desktop for a flash and... there's that pattern lock again!


Another complication but preceded by this error is that the phone is in the process of doing the 4.4.3 update.  Toast appears saying 'Android is upgrading...' and 'Optimising app 1 of 1'.  Left to itself, this ends and when I next look the lock-screen running 'cover' is visible.  It does this each time I restart it.  If the 'upgrading' message is left visible - I usually close the case cover on the message and do something else for a while - the uploading-animation stops and a long-press restart is needed.


Anyone know what is going on and how to sort it out, please?  


Might this be an issue for ADB? Or a Factory reset?

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