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Mobile Data Issues

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My previous phone was a Galaxy Nexus running CM11 on the T-Mobile (UK) PAYG network.  If I travelled any distance it would eventually lose it's mobile data connection.  I'd still have a mobile signal so could make calls but I couldn't access the Internet.  To get the mobile data back I'd have to switch aitplane mode off & on, but even that sometime wouldn't work and I'd have to reboot the device.


I'd read reports of similar issues with the GNexus, and tried flashing various radios with no change, so I figured it was purely an issue with the device itself.


But, I fairly recently changed to a Moto G (16GB, from Tesco but currently running GPE) and was still getting the same issue.  So I started thinking that it might be a T-Mobile issue, maybe something related to the EE merger and, as I had an original T-Mobile SIM, the cell tower negotiation failing.  I contacted T-Mobile about this but they weren't much help.


I'd been with T-Mobile for a long time and figured it was time for a change anyway so I've switched to GiffGaff, thinking this should finally resolve the problem.  Unfortunately I'm still getting the mobile data dropping!


So, I've swapped phone AND network and I'm still losing my data connection :(


I'm out of ideas so any suggestions would be appreciated.




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Just in case anybody comes across this that is having similar problems, it occurred to me that there was another factor that was staying constant; I backup up my apps & data using Titanium and then restore them whenever I wipe the device, so it could be an app that I keep restoring that keeps causing the data drop.  Therefore I wiped my device and am installing items from the Play store, a few at a time, and setting them up manually.  I'd been out for a few short drives and the data signal didn't drop, yesterday I was able to do a good run out and the data signal was still constant.

I'll carry on adding the apps a few at a time so that if the problem re-occurs I'll have a better idea who the culprit is.

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