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[GAME] Hardcore Platformer League

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Hey there!
Heard you are looking for a platform game that actually plays great on your touchscreen device. Well, look no further.
HPL (Hardcore Platformer League) is a skill-based platform game that is all about fun tricks and speedrunning.
Experience unseen speeds. Be creative - there are many ways to beat each level, many tricks and even more to invent. Nothing can stop you - no cliff too high, no jump too long, no pit to wide! It's just you and the game.
Watch the trailer here:
?Smooth and original gameplay
?Unique blend of puzzle solving and challenging tricks
?70+ levels and more to come
?Responsive and precise controls
?Achievements, secrets and hidden levels
?Record and watch your replays
...and of course, insane speeds, awesome tricks and loads of fun await you.

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