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[APP] Edo Mobile - Organize and share any digital content!

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Hello Guys,
I open this new thread to introduce you to an app really interesting and that could revolutionize the way to share and organize your files.

It's name is "edo".



With edo you can...
-Organize any digital content:
Links, calendars, email attachments, audio notes, folders, documents and anything you want to keep tidy and always at your fingertips.
-Share and communicate
by using shared desks and the built-in chat to manage your projects with colleagues and friends as best you can.
-Write notes and memos
on your private and shared files in order to have all important information always with you.

Playstore link of the app:
Edo mobile (beta)

https://lh3.ggpht.com/bZqV8PTo0Bc13xr-2ODWwGdvCkL8lXl4Sm1ZyRDRdf2qnu1rLtRV5LRbM05WtdhjvQ  =h900
https://lh6.ggpht.com/V77472YT4Bf9Htq5jCZSNqKTHXc1RBrrxWBXAtoSGpAfT4wwYU  xOjbcQX4QVYTz52Kg=h900
https://lh3.ggpht.com/toX6k4Wwo7R6VFsDWWdHy_a7NbZnmC2KhtNy5PB_y8C2ZxMGRY  g9sK6U1pYeML88-zLK=h900

Enjoy :)

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