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How can I install a custom ROM without a display?

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Hi guys,



I admire your work around here and i think you can help me in my problem. I have a BLADE V and the screen is not working, is not because it is cracked or something like that, i tried to fix something and i broke some shity thing on the circuit board, and now the screen is not working...

I just want to use it as a home server, because of the quadcore cpu that is running on it.. but i have some problems with the wifi connection that is keep going down and i have a rate of 2% of packat loosing for about 50 secs, and then,the wifi is down.. I have gkalen's MIUI custom rom running on it and i want to install JellyBlade_v on it, because it's a beautifull simple rom that i used in the past.. And the problem is : How can i install that custom rom on my phone without a display? 


Things that i thinked about:

-  VNC server running on it and i can forward the 5900 port to my PC with adb and connect from there. (Can you recomand me a good binary for the vnc server?)

- Restore one of your backups to my phone (i don't really know how can i do that from the command line..)


Do you guys have any sugestions?


(Sorry for my shity english)



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it's almost impossible..

the only thing i can say  is , by counting the steps in recovery  , but it's almost impossible to do it without miss a step.

sorry for your phone ...

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