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Vodafone Smart 8 series pictures and information

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I had this information about a month ago but due to an issue I wasn't able to sign in and post this.

The new Smart 8 phones are shown on Vodafone's IF design page. There will be 4 main devices: Prime 8, Ultra 8, Platinum 8, and Platinum Mini 8. They all have a metal and/or glass construction, something very welcome. The platinum Mini 8 is a new addition with a 5.2" screen, and looks very interesting.

Here is the link: http://ifworlddesignguide.com/profile/2960-vodafone/

Enjoy! :)

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The N8 is now on the UK website @ £85, at least it's starting off with Nougat (that said the ultra 6 was supposed to have 6.0 at launch).

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