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Chris b.a.r.f.

OCS DK - an amusing telephone conversation :)

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Posted this in microsoft.public.smartphone, too.

Transcript of conversation with OCS DK, translated/reproduced *exactly*:

gets through to the SPV helpdesk>

Chris: Hi, I'd like to ask about app-signing on the SPV

OCS girl: SPV?

Chris: Yes, Orange SPV. The new phone. Orange's new phone.

OCS girl: I don't know anything about any SPV

Chris: You're joking, right? SPV - your new phone? Orange SPV?

OCS girl: Ohh yeah, the "internet phone"

Chris : That's the one

OCS girl: What was it you wanted to ask about it?

Chris: I'd like to know what Orange's position is where app-signing on the

SPV is concerned

OCS girl:

Chris: Did you get that?

OCS girl: Oh. I didn't hear you.

Chris: OK -

OCS girl: erm....erm...

Chris: OK, I can hear you don't know anything about it. Is there an SPV

expert there I can speak to?

OCS girl: erm....just a second

...and I simply couldn't be bothered any more. There's no SPV-expert there. There never was. Just some poor OCS-gopher that drew the short-straw and got "SPV-customer-service-duty".

I'll not bother telling you all about the sales-guy who didn't think GPRS

was necessary for the SPV and informed me ("100% certain, no doubt about it") that the SPV had a 32MB SD-card included + 32MB *free* memory for MP3s.

My next project is phoning them to ask when the T9 will be fixed. Expect

lots of "T9?" and "SPV?"-type answers. Watch this space :-)

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Heh, i've had the "hang-on....pft" cutoff trick before when questioning OCS. I called Wirefree helpdesk yesterday and was told Level 2 (!) support on the SPV would get back to me, that was 24 hours ago and no word yet....:)

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