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How much do you think is reasonable to pay for GPRS?

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Given that after April we'll all have to come off the promotional GPRS pack, and quite frankly, most of us think the existing GPRS costs are a bit steep, what does everyone think is a reasonable price to pay for GPRS access?

Now, I am sure we'd all like unlimited for free, but the key word here is reasonable. I'd like to think that at least somebody from Orange drops by here and may see this thread, or maybe somebody here might officially let them know of our general consensus and perhaps, just perhaps, the prices might get more reasonable before crunch time.

Personally, I think the £6 price for 10Mb sounds about right - that's enough to browse the web, do some email, maybe some IM and at least make reasonable use of the phone. Possibly something like £1 per Mb after that.

It can't be unreasonable for Orange to supply the data at that cost, as they have made an unlimited WAP GPRS (with a "fair use policy" limit at 10Mb) available on Your Plan for £4 per month. The extra £2 would cover the fact that your data has to go in and out of Orange's servers, unlike for WAP.

So what I'd like to see is that at the end of April, everyone already on the package is offered the same deal they are already on, but with a hard limit in place, beyond which it is charged as above. Perhaps make the deal conditional to it being for personal and not business use.

Anyone else's thoughts?


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they will seriously have to cut costs. what is the point in making a phone that can visit all websites yet make access so expensive? I downloaded the trial of the tennis game and that was close to 1mb alone!

I'd be interested to see how much i have used but I don't think i'd go over £15 a month given that home connections are so much faster with no stupid scrolling all over the screen for £20.

If they persist in talking £ per mb i will remove explorer and that will mean that the phone has even less going for it and i'll be unhappy :x

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I would be willing to pay £6 a month for 10mb usage... I might have to get a GPRS monitor however before April comes to see just how much I am actually using.

or £10 a month for unlimited (but with a fair usage policy attached) ie. unlimited use but for those who go mad and are using more than the designated unreasonanle amount are warned about their usage and could have a cap applied by Orange.

Just an idea.

Or how about including an amount of GPRS usage in the tariffs. The higher your tariff the more GPRS usage is included.

As I said in an earlier post Orange will make money by having a monthly subscription fee. If they try to hit us with their current GPRS charges they will end up with nothin as I for one will not use it.

I pay SKY TV about £34 a month with no restrictions on what I watch or how much I watch. Some months I may not use it, but they still get their £34.

Oi Orange if your listening... make your customers your friends and they will stay around for many years to come.

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There are packages, and how much you pay if you go over depends on your package:


At the moment there is no unlimited package. I'd guess cause Orange aren't even sure how much people are going to use it and how their network will suffer if everyone went all out. However during this £6 trial they can look at this...


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