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read/write speeds

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I'm currently spending ages transfering music to the phone via the cradle....

100meg take for ever, have to leave it going and come back later...

Is a usb card reader significantly faster ????

I know usb is much quicker than Serial, but we don't use serial.... so is the card reader quicker than a cradle ??? What about usb 2.0 ??? I'm assuming the cradle is usb 1.x, and the card reader is also usb 1.x.... but can card readers work at usb 2.0 speeds ???


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Indeed. :)

Just my 2p: Yes, it is _damn_ slow via cradle and USB reader/writer is a very significant increase - pretty much like using an average hard drive.. Readers are also very cheap, so I suggest you get one.

God bless the cradle...


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