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VCD/DVD on the SmartPhone for DUMMIES

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I am starting this thread so we could put together all the information on the various threads regarding Movie Files for the SmartPhone. I feel that the info is so hard to locate because it is scattered all over this site.

I also intend to simplify all the instructions given by the other threads ... since this thread is for Dummies ... I will try my best to post in plain, non-technical English so our "KaSPAMyans" could really enjoy using their SAP's.

Right now, I am able to watch VCD movies which I converted/encoded for the SAP. But I must admit, I had to squeeze my vocabulary and comprehension, just to understand the posts on the subject.

To the Mods: Is it alright if I post in Tagalog? Or maybe post in English, then post a Tagalog translation?

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