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Downloading/Installing Freewares on Another Smartphone

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Hi People!

I have two sisters who also own SAP's. But I'm the only one with a laptop (and USB ports). Their desktops don't have USB ports.

Now we want to install softwares like Smart Explorer/Task Manager into their SAP's. But when I clicked on the set-up icons on my "My Downloads" folder, it just showed a menu for me to either modify, repair, and remove the application. It didn't install the application on the other SmartPhone.

I tried copying the set-up files onto the phone. When I clicked on the file. It showed an error message " ... not a valid Windows CE application".

:?: How can I install these software into my sisters' SAP's?


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when you download those files from Binary website, you have two choices: an exe file or a cab file.

better download and use, not the set-up (exe) file, but the cab file (the one that installs directly to your phone, not from your PC) for the SmartExplorer 1.0b4 and SPTaskManager 1.1b2 to install.....

using Active Sync, copy those files to IPSM/Windows/Start Menu/Accessories

then using the phone, go to Programs-->Accessories and click on those files you just copied and it will then install

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