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I understand that SMART reserves the right to void the warranty on the SAP if it is unlocked.

But we must clamor for the manufacturer (HTC) or the distributor (Brightpoint???) to honor the warranty and provide FREE after-sales support.

They made a phone with "unlocking features"; therefore, if we choose to unlock our units, it must not be taken against us by voiding our warranties. It's not like we modified the unit (as in changing the backlight or re-routing the circuitry), but we just used an optional feature on the phone.

I feel it is unjust to void to warranty because of this.

Consumers in the Philippines are always short-changed by companies that intimidate us with these "warranty exclusions".

I hope that we Pinoys in this forum would do more than discuss these issues. We must network to make these TELCO's respect our consumer rights instead of holding us by the nose with these "exclusive schemes".

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Well, even other phones like Nokia and Ericsson have that capability to be unlocked. Albeit not as obvious as the SAP.

I think Tel Cos have the right to do this in order to protect their subscriber base from defecting, so to speak. The voided warranty is just a deterrent for you not to make SMART into just another run-off-the-mill cellphone dealer.

I think the best way is for a cell phone dealer to bring in open-line phones direct from the manufacturers and naturally just honor the warranty from then on. Of course, the dealer would have to put a premium on the warranty to cover the cost of after-sales service.

Phone unlocking and warranties is always a touchy subject. As a rule.....if you don't like the T & C of the said Tel Co, then I think you still have the option not to purchase the phone or the service.

BTW, I think Orange Communications in the UK will also not supprt unlocked SPV phones. So it might not only be us Philippine consumers that are exclusive to said injustices. :-)

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