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Has anyone here been successful in setting up the Profile:Automatic?

I understand that it is supposed to switch from Normal Mode to Meeting Mode when the calendar indicates that the current time is Busy.

I tried using this profile but it isn't performing the way it should. I set-up the current time as Busy but it still doesn't go to Meeting Mode.

I also noticed that when I set up the time as "Free", or "Tentative", it is indicated on the Agenda, but when I set it to "Busy" it is not.

Another thing I notice is that the phone "automatically" goes to "Loud" profile when I set it up to "Automatic". Note: I have been extra careful not to "hit Loud" when going to Automatic.

Please help me on this. This is the best thing I can do to "emulate" the Timed Profiles feature of Nokia.

Para nyo nang awa, naaabala ang tulog ko sa tunog ng phone. Di ko naman mapatay, eh alarm clock ko 'to eh. (Sana naman walang magpilosopo na gumamit na lang ako ng ibang alarm clock ... eh di balik "Trium" na lang ako ... he he he

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dude, just change your profile before you go to bed. it works for me. i also use my SAP as my alarm clock.

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