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Questions for the Daddy

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For the hosts:

I suggest renaming Posts, if the actual thread is not really represented by the title. Obviously only in cases when it's easily done and you are happy to do that.

I'm curious, when do newbies actually become members or whatever the ranks are?? And is there any actual implementation of that apart from looking cool(ish) in the post?? (i don't mean moderators&admins).

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Renaming posts is an interesting idea, but a serious amount of work. It is something I will suggest to my moderators... but obviously they need to be careful to avoid offending people.

A better idea would be for everyone to be a bit more careful when they name topics :wink:

As regards ranks, I only set up a few quick ones when I originally set up the site.

They are currently:

0-50 = Newbie

50-150 = Member

150+ = Advanced Member

I might change them to more interesting ones at some point in the future :D


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Nice 1 Paul!

I was thinking the renaming bit would make sense, maybe leave original intact in brackets (string length problem here) or:

- I am not sure of the archiecture of phpBB forum, but maybe there is some spare field, which could be used for that purpose.

There are many posts that nead renaming and i notice that as we go, so it could be an option for you guys - when you see it don't fit - fix it. Same for similar ones - stick them in one.

But 100% agreed - noone will be doing that on purpose - if you read and see that's appropriate, why not do it. I find many topics which are 100 irrelevant to the thread, but the info there is important... so usually it is missed. Maybe use it for important info threads....

Let me know if i can help in any way. Regards.

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