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Simon Desser

Video Demo of Motorola MXp200

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As seen on msmobiles ZDNet´s Patrick Houston speaks with Jason Gordon (product manager, Microsoft) who is presenting the Microsoft Smartphone platform in general and the new Motorola MPx200 smartphone in particular.

At the end, when Patrick asks how many applications are available for this phone, Jason tells him that there are more than 12000 available :shock: :shock: :shock: :roll:

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There is nothing new with the phone.

It's to hype the fact Smartphone is launching in the US through AT&T.

Which means Canadians are not far behind that's good news for Rogers AT&T up here ;)

I am drooling already, more then the launch of Orange smartphones, cause that was just UK, Euroupe, and Asia.

Oh soon I can kill off my Nokia 6360 Hooooooooray ! ! ! ! ! !

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