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How to use SAP as modem for pocketPC

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ppcsurfr    0
Hi Mr Carlo!  Can i use the SAP (as a modem also) for my Palm (Tungsten T)?  I used my T68i (before) and now T610.  Kaso, prepaid ako dito sa T610 (globe), kaya medyo hindi ko na ginagamit.  Hindi ko magamit ang SAP. Plan ako sa SMART, would you care to help me please on this... Thanks a lot!

Well, you should be able to... it wuldn't hurt to try. Just follow the sequence I posted and the necessary string which has to be included in the setup.

I'm not sure if the standard drivers on the Palm will work with it though... but I do think it should.

Mabuhay! ~ Carlo

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Geeklord    0

In settings, under data connections, I added a new connection named Office GPRS where I connect to a proxy server instead of directly to the internet . Then I left the Smart GPRS fields blank to test if my Office GPRS. It works. But I was wondering how I'm being charged by smart now that I'm not using their GPRS connection (or am I still??). Can someone please enlighten me?

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