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  2. i try to do that but it just stuck on loading screen , i use os13 it work fine but it always restart alone
  3. Just ignore the error, the ROM still installs & functions how it's supposed to.
  4. I'll look into tweaking the values & there is no support for vulkan.
  5. That's none of my problem then. I only provide support for my custom ROMs and you have posted on a completely wrong place. You've installed a ROM that is not meant for your device! If you install e.g. this Remix OS with the right compatibility patch, I'm sure everything will work.
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  7. I installed remix os 2.0 (Android 5.1.1) instead of the android that came on the tablet (5.0) from the official installer of intel (Phone flash tool). The installation has gone smoothly, everything works correctly in remixes, the only problem is the rotation. Thanks for your interest
  8. ??? Which Hi12 compatibility patch did you install and have you tried with the other one? What stock firmware version was your device shipped with?
  9. Sorry, the state looking for the forum and I do not get the right one. I have remixOs, Everything works perfectly, the only problem is the rotation. Thanks
  10. Hello, I do not work the screen rotation on android, I have a chuwi hi12. Is there a solution for this? Thanks greetings
  11. Thx for ur hard work , but when i try to install i get error ( unknown command [log] ) , i try wipe every thing also format and still got the same error
  12. Cube iWork8 Air Noob Questions

    Hi, I just got mine cube iwork8 air pro tablet from Anyone has trouble with the google play store?
  13. LineageOS 14.1 for Vodafone Smart Ultra 6

    ROM is quite smooth, notification light is too much high when charging, and screen light too high when I full the bar. And I have a question. What about Vulkan?
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  15. There's pretty significant issues running Marshmallow with prebuilt Lollipop kernel extracted from stock firmware (no deep sleep, etc). There's no kernel source available for Hibook Pro so I can't build a proper Marshmallow kernel for your device. That'll 'work', but it's totally unsupported of course. I really wouldn't recommend it but it's your device and you can do whatever you want with it.
  16. Thank you again for this speed reply, I have jumped in this topic from Google because Hibook Pro is in the title so I have started reading and when I have arrived at the end of first post yes, I have figured out that probably this release couldn't fit my tablet but I was hoping there was a previous release that do it, I mean, something in the previuos release and now you are confirming this I know my english is terrible and understand me is not easdy, to be clear, is this the ROM release that will fit my Hibook Pro? and I will need to use this file? Sorry to be like a 3 years old child, now I will check if I have to do something special regarding my just installed TWRP cause I don't want to delete it by mistake :)
  17. There's only three available. You're using one, this one doesn't work on your device (which you could have figured out by reading the first post), which only leaves you...
  18. Dear K and all guys that are putting energies here Thank you very much for your time, I really appreciate it. Right now I'm running Remix OS on my Hibbook Pro. I'm using the release I have found here, so I have root privileges etc My problem is that touch screen does not work fine and I have to use a mouse. This is why I'm planning to move to another distro. Can you please just tell me or link me which is the most updated distro I can install on this device? I prefer something different from the standard Android version. don't mind if x86 like or Lineageos Just this Thank you very much in advance
  19. ACGroup Themes 2017

  20. Hi! What's the ""? If I wanted to use opengapps instead of microG can I avoid installing the "" file?
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  22. Nomu S10 Pro  IP68+ Rating 

    I think everyone has such impression on NOMU S10 Pro if they have used the phone --- super waterproof, super loud speaker, fast and precise motion control, large storage capacity, just like the guy said in the video Such features are all so important for a phone. By the way, its speaker is really nice, the voice is very loud and clear.
  23. Another problem is the sound for calls that are heard very slowly but the sound for notifications sounds good
  24. Kingroot app stuck at verifying root staus

    after reading the speel on that website, guess what! the kingroot apk link doesn't link to anything. cheers FYI mobilego is stuck on the `getting root access, please wait...` screen when applied to the smart ultra 6. fail fail fail
  25. UHANS Max2: A Decent Phablet for Multimedia

    UHANS Max 2 First OTA Update with Big Improvements Given the success of the UHANS Max 2, the company is continuously supporting it with new OTA updates. This time they worked on optimizing the display effect, camera quality and proximity sensor. What's more, Live wallpaper is also enabled now. The new firmware update has indeed improved the performance of a 6.44-inch Full HD resolution display. From now on, you are going to find clearer and higher saturation display effect which is not only comfortable to eyes but also pleasure to mind. It brings more pleasure and comfort to website browsing, video watching, and gaming. As for cameras, UHANS Max 2 uses dual cameras that feature 13MP plus a 2MP camera combination both on back and front. With the update, the focusing time is greatly shortened and details of the produced photos are crisply presented, it means that you can enjoy a smooth operation and record reality resistant and details reproduced photos. Meanwhile, with the bug of proximity sensor being fixed, now the proximity sensor is more sensitive and precise. Last important information is that you can also set up with live wallpaper to enrich your homepage decoration. users can update UHANS Max 2 by entering the settings of phone.
  26. there is no need to change the themes
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