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  3. ZOPO ZP980+ - Phone specs - Root - Roms - Discussion

    What is the cost of that one? Is it good or not? In Israel, this one is inexpensive. I just need to compare.
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  6. [GAME] Police drift car driving

    Hello, I would like to present you Police Drift Car Driving, a open world drift game on Android! Become a policeman and take control of some amazing drift cars in a huge driving environment ready to explore : more than 16 km² of area and 30 km of roads ! Drive fast and drift hard on 8 amazing different tracks. Customize your cars with brush and decals, then change tire, wheel, smoke colors, and more... Complete tons of missions to become a professional drifter and a good cop ! Screens : URL : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.pickle.PoliceDriftCarDriving If you can rate 5 star it will help me a lot ! Besides, all ideas or suggestions are welcome ^^ Have a nice day, Michael
  7. i am using xcode for windows and its working perfectly.just love to code with xcode.thanks
  8. Hi, am97, Konsta as far as I am aware no longer replies to posts on these forums from a posting I saw of his a couple of months ago on this forum. You can contact him ethier on Konstakang.com (Click on above post above yours by duttyend to take you to his new website or contact him via his Twitter account, if he is ok for you post a download link here. Although it would be easier to create a new thread here on the zte forums and post your download here. It would be great if you can share your latest version you have created here on these forums as I still have this phone. Hope this helps. Regards Alchess
  9. I would like a gadget that I'm able to jog with it (along with GPS then, as well as a pretty great precision), in which monitors my sleep with great consistency as well as wakes me up utilizing a quiet alarm within an time period determined by me (such as SleepBot for Android can), knowing that is not too ugly or heavy. I'd personally also adore for it to synchronize together with a chest strap as well as to have wrist-based HRM for workout, nevertheless isn't necessary. The equipment which comes nearer to this, In my opinion, is the Fitbit Surge (a bit pricey), nevertheless, I do not like to see in it within my wrist. Will there be something similar like Fitbit so that i can do the wearables comparison?
  10. First of all, thank you for your great work porting CM/LineageOS to the OpenC! I've been using your builds for more than a year now, and I managed to compile a new version, with latest LineageOS upstream code. As far as I tested, everything is working fine. Can I post a download link here?
  11. i installed your new version the last day. this evening i was able to test outgoing and incoming lte calls, they work fine now, thanks for your fast response :) the new update has changed something in the power settings. now the little cpu is way too slow. i changed it to minimum 500 ghz and to interactive governor. otherwise the normal ui response is way too slow for me. everything else seems to work fine, thank you for your wonderful work!
  12. Amazfit Bip Review

    Hi Paul, Thanks, this is the best review of the Bip I've seen. Like Wayne, I've got a Pebble and am a bit worried about when the servers go dark in June. I've just ordered myself a Bip (Geekbuying) and they seem to have shipped from UK based stock, so should be here soon. I'm interested in using it to track runs and bike rides (and could it replace my Garmin and thus pay for itself...?)
  13. Uhans K5000 IP68 Rugged smartphone

    I love the toughness of the phone and features as well. I want to see the user review here.
  14. Nomu S10 Pro  IP68+ Rating 

    First, the delivery speed is very fast. It surprised me when I opened the box. Cool appearance, clean system, few factory software, so that I didn’t need to uninstall unnecessary software. The next is the good battery performance, 49% electricity, only consumes 1% for the first night. What a surprise! Haven’t tested the rugged function, but think it ok considering the exquisite workmanship.
  15. How do I delete my account

    ...and remove all my data. Thx.
  16. How do I delete my account

    Please delete my account. Thx.
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  18. [How To] Swapping the internal and external SD cards

    plz bro......video tutorial link attache
  19. Hi! Not work for me. Lineageos dont start, is loading..... Version 13 work ok, but version 14 dont loading. Help!
  20. Hi Ceaster, it's possible to port TWRP 3.2.1 for Y300? Thanks you so much
  21. LineageOS 14.1 for Vodafone Smart Ultra 6

    And I'm having an echo problem. How can I fix? Thank you
  22. LineageOS 14.1 for Vodafone Smart Ultra 6

    Firstly im sorry for my bad english. I've been using this ROM. Thanks for this rom. Can you add the Dolby Audio? Because Audiofx makes very little noise. And I have some issues related to SDCard storage permissions and echo problem. FPS is very low in Rules Of Survival. Be very happy if you can do something. If you could send updates for battery and echo, I would be very happy. And which operating system do you use to make a rom? Thanks
  23. From searching around this is a common problem that was driving me nuts. Even with xinternalsd it was still crap. I was still having troubles with file/folder permissions when moving files with mtp or internal file managers and root. Something kept changing all the recursive file & folder permissions to read only on ext_SD. So even with root access, moved or copies would just be broken and no file manager could change permissions or delete them. Mtp couldn't do anything with them unless used from recovery. I now realise that nothing can change permissions on storage. What was odd is it would work for days then all of a sudden, you need to delete or copy something, access denied. Even a SU terminal -chmod was giving permission denied. I knew some sort of system protection was playing a role but what. A long and depressing but educational story short. Settings I always used for privacy guard on previous ROMs, the same settings used in lineage 14.1 broke all file operations on external SD. By resetting privacy guard then only selecting minimal options, it enabled the menu in file managers to change permissions again on system.. Noice! So if you moved some files and then can't move, delete, copy, ect, privacy guard is the culprit. . http://www.onlineconversion.com/html_chmod_calculator.htm From reddit https://www.reddit.com/r/Android/comments/496sn3/lets_clear_up_the_confusion_regarding_storage_in/?ref=share&ref_source=embed&utm_content=body&utm_medium=post_embed&utm_name=333eb7b7e9574783bec1c318602fa44e&utm_source=embedly&utm_term=496sn3
  24. Nomu S10 Pro  IP68+ Rating 

    I think everyone has such impression on NOMU S10 Pro if they have used the phone --- super waterproof, super loud speaker, fast and precise motion control, large storage capacity
  25. Free Themes Update

  26. If both the old phone and new phone are run Android OS, you can transfer your data via one-click backup and restore. Use Android Assistant tool to connect your old and ne devices, backup your old phone data on PC and then restore the backup files on your new device.
  27. screen totally unresponsive

    same problem here in this gapps apk
  28. although it might secure new funding. Such a pity, but it seems that not enough people wanted what it offered.
  29. Just read that Wileyfox has gone into administration.
  30. Honor 9 absolutely dead

    Hello everybody, need your help and heard about the honor pros in this forum. I already bricked my Honor 9 by flashing the images via dd. The device is dead. No LED. No connection to PC is available. Do you have any idea??? Sorry for my bad english.
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