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  2. OK thanks anyway you did a soft and very good software and the best of all I've tried so far is what I did for lolipop 5.1.1 that blocked you all the time, but the one you have done you work perfectly. Many thanks, and congratulations for your work I wish you a nice day
  3. Rooting and Unlocking the HTC ChaCha?

    How to Recover Deleted Contacts from HTC Phone “Hi, do you know any way that I can recover deleted contacts from my HTC One M10? I accidentally deleted some of the contacts on my HTC phone yesterday. I really need the deleted contacts. Thank you very much!” Asked by Julie Julie is not the only HTC user who has this problem. You can find many similar questions about recovering deleted contacts from HTC phone in HTC communities online. They don’t have backup file for their HTC phones. And they want to get back their deleted contacts. The only answer to this question is “HTC Contacts Recovery”. You can use this software to scan your HTC phone and SD card to find the deleted contacts and other data from your HTC and recover deleted contacts from HTC to your computer. You can also use it to recover deleted text messages from HTC phones
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  5. Yes the play store issue has been resolved, still working on getting the sensors to work properly, before uploading another build
  6. Help with Tesco Hudl1 restoration images

    Hi Kirt7, Thanks for your reply. The issue has been solved. Regards onio
  7. Honor 8 EMUI 5 / Nougat beta test

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  8. Samsung Galaxy Beta Programme goes live in UK

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  10. Honor announce the £225 Dual Camera 6X

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  11. “Hi, I would like to know is there any way to recover deleted photos from Whatsapp. I use iPhone 6s plus to send and receive Whatsapp messages and photos. However, I can’t find the photos one of my friends sent me last week. I think I accidentally deleted them. Thank you very much!” This is a question asked by our readers. I receive more and more emails asking about recovering deleted Whatsapp photos from iPhone. So I think it is necessary to write an article to show iPhone users how to recover deleted whatsapp photos and images. Just like recovering deleted Whatsapp messages from iPhone, you need to use iPhone Data Recovery software to retrieve photos and images from Whatsapp on your iPhone. iPhone Data Recovery can scan your iPhone and find the deleted Whatsapp photos and images on your iPhone. You are allowed to preview the photos and recover them to your computer. You can also use this recovery software to recover deleted whatsapp messages from iPhone. It works for the latest iPhone SE and iPhone 6s plus/6s/6/6 plus/5s/5c/5/4s/4 related article How to Recover lost Data from iPhone 8/7/6 Plus How to Restore Deleted Contacts on iPhone 8/7/6/6s Plus How to Recover Deleted Data from iPhone,iTunes and iCloud
  12. Rooting and Unlocking the HTC ChaCha?

    Thank you, Clifford12 for your quick response. I also have a similar issue. It works! Spanish translator
  13. It is possible to erase everything from phone. Do a factory reset.
  14. Deodexed TW ROM for the Padfone 2

    Thanks! I really appreciate! Keep up your good work. json formatter online
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  16. Hi everyone, I´m looking for root my htc mytouch 4g but in many forums, they say that need a version Visionary+11, not the +13 or more.. is the only works fine in a version 2.3.4 if is possible, someone give me a link active of this version.? Thank you.
  17. How to root MY TOUCH 4G 2.3.4

    yours Links don´t works :(
  18. Miui 8 and miui 9 (probably miui 7 too) does not support 3G on both cards. Only sim1 is 3G capable.
  19. no sim 2 not supported, only sim 1 that supported 3g switch
  20. 2nd sim card should be in sim.card settings
  21. Hello, something else has been solved with the software? about the play shop
  22. Mobile network, sim card network
  23. finally! thanks man :) btw how to switch 3g in this rom ? are you using DualSimControl ?
  24. MIUI 9 - 7.9.7 patch. Including: -Greek Language support -160 greek characters sms support - Added stock music player - Added Buttons & Gestures menu. post# 25332
  25. Is this the end for the Samsung Galaxy Note 7?

    The Samsung Galaxy note is an entrancing gadget that merits purchasing .Samsung endeavored to present an item that joins two capacities – cell phone and tablet.Flamingo Video - White board animation
  26. Help with Tesco Hudl1 restoration images

    Try rktools for windows instead. javascript obfuscator
  27. Literally watch it filling up.

    My battery was also knackered. You should disable the auto-update apps. bullet force
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